Volunteer With KCU

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KCU has been supported by volunteers since it was launched in 1984. Through the support of the volunteer team, KCU can achieve its charitable aims. There are five locations where volunteers can develop or gain skills. Through volunteering 1 volunteer has left to go into work every 5 weeks.

Volunteering Locations:

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Through volunteering you can support your local community, and share your skills to help others.

Clothes shop

Furniture shop


Digital media

Office Admin


Please download an application form here, you can then either email the form to sylvia.mclevy@kcultd.org.uk or hand in to the office at 51 Gold Street.

Furniture Shop Volunteers

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The KCU Furniture & Household Goods Shop is our newest shop on Kettering High Street and will work closely with the KCU Warehouse where the furniture is stored. KCU holds the upcycling Service Level agreement  with North Northamptonshire Council (NCC). This involves preventing reusable furniture from going to landfill. Along with receiving donations from members of the public KCU runs a termly course teaching skills around upcycling and mending items which are then sold in the shop.

If you have the following experiences you could build on them while volunteering, if not we do provide training.

Serving Customers

Researching and fair pricing.

Preparing stock for sale.

Maintaining the overall look of the shop.

Operating the till.

Arranging Deliveries and collections.

Our shops are open Monday to Friday 9:30am – 4:00pm (Saturday’s under review).

Depending on volunteer availability

We are currently recruiting volunteers for both our shops. If you are interested in helping us support the Kettering Community please get in touch!

Clothes Shop Volunteers

The KCU Clothes shop sells second hand/used clothes and other small household items that are donated to the charity by members of the public. Kettering has many charity shops and KCU works hard to remain the best value offering good quality items.

KCU Mentor/Befrienders

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The Mentor/Befriender role was launched in July 2016. KCU Mentor/Befrienders is a trained team of KCU volunteers who share their skills with other volunteers who wish to upskill and develop confidence or enhance their employability. To find out more about the Inclusive Mentor/Befriender Project.

Mentees/Befriendees are either current KCU Volunteers or are referred to KCU through the partnerships. If you wish to find out more about referral please see here

Mentors/Befrienders are tasked with:

Working 1-1 every week with their Mentee/Befriendees.

Setting goals.

Focusing on their own personal development.

Attending exclusive training events.

An informal interview, DBS check, training, and support are provided to undertake this role.
If you are interested in becoming a KCU Mentor/Befriender Volunteer please call the main
KCU office and speak to Sylvia at 01536 481989