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At KCU our aim is to provide services to the local community to help improve lives.

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Mentoring and befriending Service 

Since April 2016 KCU has offered support through the Inclusive Volunteering Project. When the project came to an end in 2022 mentoring and befriending continued as part of KCU support services.

Our team of mentor/befrienders walk alongside their mentees to help them achieve their goals. As trained befrienders they can also help their mentees to connect with services in the local area until they feel more confident to attend meetings.

The aim of the service is to:

Help to access support and support networks.

Increase opportunities to help those who engage with the project to reach their full potential, particularly those with more complex needs.

Reduce isolation, increase confidence and improve wellbeing through volunteering, regardless of ability, disability or circumstance

Increase local organisations’ understanding of disability, mental health and wellbeing issues affecting people and the mentoring/befriending approach

If you are supporting someone you feel would benefit from volunteering plus have a mentor please contact sylvia.mclevy@kcultd.org.uk or call 01536481989

If you would like to a become mentor/befriender please check out our volunteer page for more information.

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Dignity In Crisis Project

Through the Dignity in Crisis project we aim to provide services to the local community to help improve their lives. With the support of funding from the Community Fund at the National Lottery, we launched the Dignity in Crisis project to focus on practical support to people facing temporary or ongoing financial difficulties.

We can provide help with:

Emergency Food parcels

Essential furniture package (beds, sofa tables)


Bedding (household goods)

If you are supporting someone who needs practical support, please use the referral form and email it to carly.fawkes@kcultd.org.uk


The Dignity in Crisis Extension for white goods supported through funding from DWP as HSF3  has now reached maximum capacity. We are no longer supporting outside of Kettering.