Furniture Provision & Recycling

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We work with North Northamptonshire Council and other partners to provide low cost recycled furniture, from second hand sofas, to dining room furniture and household goods to those in need through our charity shops and our dignity in crisis project.

Our Projects
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We have created partnerships with NNC, local charities and local businesses with the same mindset to support the most vulnerable people in our community. Partners, members of the general and local organisations donate appropriate used and second-hand furniture for recycling and household items for people in need.

We also provide training courses on how to up-cycle discarded furniture which would normally go to landfill. We do this through a qualified Tutor which not only creates new use for these items but also teaches learners valuable skills that are transferrable and they can utilise in the future.

With our partnership with NNC unwanted items that are discarded in council premises that are in good condition are removed from the void properties, stored and re-distributed to those in need. This is done by NNC and local charities identifying the needs of vulnerable tenants, passing this information to the  Dignity in Crisis Co-ordinator who organises the necessary recycled items to go to those in need. Treating the client with dignity is our priority at all times. To find out more about the Dignity in Crisis Project click here.