My Internship at KCU – Amelie PHILIPPE

Amelie came to KCU on the 28th of May to volunteer from her College in France, here is her experience of KCU and England so far…


I am a Student of Brevet de technicien supérieur (French HND) in France, I came to discover England, discover the work in the social subsidiary (Social Work). But also discover the country. I came to Kettering in order to improve my English language.

To find out how aid works for people in need in England. See how its help is put in place and how people can benefit from it. I appreciated the welcome I have received during my first weeks. I enjoyed being able to see the different activities proposed by KCU, notably the foodbank, and the two charity shops.

I volunteer mostly at the furniture store. I enjoy being in contact with customers and being able to help them when I can and practice my English. I have created a small business card and set it up in furniture stores. I have enjoyed my trip to England to visit the country.

I was able to go to several festivals: a traditional English festival with horses and also a food festival And also one on the vehicles of the armed forces. I have visit a zoo. I went to Stratford –
city of the famous writer William Shakespeare. I went to London. It was really a great experience. The city is very big and very interesting. I saw all the great monuments and the famous Museum “Madame Tussaud”. I tasted the English breakfast. I had the chance to visit the rugby stadium: Twickenham.

This experience is so far very rewarding for me. I thank KCU for giving me the opportunity to work in England.



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